Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Simplifying, One Step At A Time

It's a good thing life is full of new days, months, seasons, years.  Each one offers us a clean slate, if we want one.  I choose this random Wednesday at the end of May to try a new venture.  Over the summer months, I'm hoping to simplify a few different areas of my life  -  Food, Clothes, Storage - and we'll see where it goes from there.

I've been inspired by numerous sources, but most recently by Jess Constable of Makeunder My Life.  I'm going to generally follow her step-by-steps, allowing for a lot of personal sway and temperament.  Feel free to offer your input!  or follow along!

I'm starting with my wardrobe, because that seems like the most fun.  And it also has become necessary, as my walk-in closet has morphed into a crawl space.  It's not all my wardrobe's fault, but that will definitely help things.

After my trip to Paris this month, I came home wishing I had fewer things to pick from clothes-wise.  It was so nice to only have a few outfits to choose from on my trip!  I learned that I hated one pair of pants so much, they are now in a French landfill.  and I love my swap-gained J.Crew jeans so much, I could wear them 7-days-straight-no-washer.

Too much stuff = me with the dizzies!  

And I love clothes; I love the thrill of the hunt at thrift stores and consignment shops; I love all different styles and colors and I love a giant shelf of color coordinated sweater piles.  But honestly - I only have one torso.  And I have two sweaters that have "made the cut" for over 15 years and about 20 others that get shoved aside daily.

Too much stuff = Not so fun.

Off I go - into the vortex of doom.  Wish me luck.  I'll keep you posted.  Step one:  Create a Vision.

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