Thursday, June 21, 2012

One Day, I'll Be a Blogger...

maybe.  Maybe one day, I'll be a proper blogger.  Right now, it seems I'm just living it.  Soaking it up.  Occasionally posting things on Facebook, but too lazy to write more than a blurblet on here.

But I do want to share with anyone who happens along this way, that today is the day that the She Reads Truth gals are starting a new Bible reading program together!  It's pretty exciting!  Just go to if you want to hear more about it, or follow along.  I just did a rapid-fire version of their last reading plan, trying to catch up.  But you can totally go at your own pace if you don't read this right away!  They're public reading plans on YouVersion.  No one has to know if you're doing it.  You can sign up anonymously.  Or you can tell the world and share your thoughts!  Either way.  But it's time, I feel, to really hunker down and seek some truth.  May as well go directly to the source, right?  yeah - I thought so, too.

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