Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Reading List:

Hi!  I'm back!  And I'm starving for story!  So I've been reading like a FIEND!  The pile of books on my nightstand is starting to teeter, so I've GOT to dive in and conquer a bunch this summer.  I've decided to try to go fiction/non-fiction/fiction/non-fiction and see how that comes out.
First up was:   for bookclub.  Didn't hate it.  (I know - rave review.)
Then yesterday I read:     which was such a great story!

and started:   which just feels very relevant to my life right now

Then am looking forward to:   just for fun.

Also on the docket:   
OH!  And we just finished reading:

and all the while, I'm enjoying a slow and steady stroll through:  

What are you reading?

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