Friday, August 19, 2016

The Thing About Reventuring...

The thing about Reventuring, is there is no limit on the "Re..." part.  Which means, I can begin again and again and again.  And since it's just me (and you?) out here, there's no judgement.  There's no expectation.  There is just a series of adventures - tiny, perhaps grand, and everywhere in between.  Every day brings what it brings.  Some days are certainly more exciting than others, but it's the evening out - the settling level - that makes it all a great life.  Two days ago, I was kayaking with my family in Puget Sound.  Today, I'm doing laundry.  Shake it down - level it out - that's life.

I'll be checking back in here more often in the next few weeks/months, sharing new ventures, ruminating on the mundane.  I'm posting today to let you know I'm still alive! Keep the faith! Strive on! Hold the course! or just do some laundry.

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