Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall 2011 Palette Challenge and other stuff...

For those concerned about our sanity over here in the Big Blue House, Dan was home for 10 days in August.  He's been gone for another (almost) 3 weeks, but is trying to get home for the weekend.  Aaaargh!  Keep praying that we don't lose our minds in the meantime!  :o)  Actually, we're fairing quite well with all our precious family and friends that RALLY when I start twitching and spouting random nonsense. loudly. to strangers.  Dan's parents actually took both kids for an overnight last night, so I made it to the bead shop, Crossroads, the gym, Mio Sushi, and then home again for a happy movie and some beadwork.  (Last Chance Harvey. sweet love story and BEST father-of-the-bride-toast scene ever!)

I'm feeling a little more level hearted (hearted? oh well -that's probably true, too) today after a great night's sleep, a healthy breakfast, a walk with Corabelle, some more crafting, shopping, gym-ing and lunch.  It's nice to feel like and individual every now and then instead of a conglomerate all the time.

flowers on the farm

So - My next move in my Reventuring spirit - met with a trainer at 24Hr today to talk about Fitness for the Over 40 people (Thank you Abby!).  I'm one of those.  I'm feeling pretty inspired and ready to focus again on adding some good healthy things to my/our life.  I'll be working on:

  • adding some resistance training (read: weights/Body Pump class) to combat the osteoperosis demons that lurk as I get older
  • controlling my evening snacks (especially while Dan is still away!  Those empty evenings after the kids are asleep just KILL my resolve.)
  • varying my cardio workouts - adding some water classes, try running a little when I walk the dog, etc.
I've decided that I'll do better on tracking these things and maintaining accountability if I blog more about what I do each day to be more healthy and fit and to be a better mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter... all those things.

The other fun thing that I'll be adding in for the next 8 weeks is Colette's FALL PALETTE CHALLENGE 2011!  I love this stuff.  That means I get to pick colors for a Fall wardrobe, decide how many pieces I need/want to sew and then decide how much of that I can actually afford to follow thru on, time- and money-wise.  It'll be fun!  If you're a seamstress at all, you should go check out the challenge or go see the Spring Palette Challenge pictures and get inspired!  

Stay tuned!  It'll be a fun-filled Fall!  Lovin' it!
 Jack's new tree house - Phase 1
There was a little girl who had a little curl... 

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