Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Lot On My Mind...

Hi, you!  Sorry I haven't written in a while.  I've had a lot on my mind lately.  I feel like I'm processing a lot of stuff and not ready to talk about it quite yet, but I'll check in and let you know why.
Birdies ponder, too.

First, I'm going vegan.  I know.  No - I know!  This from the farm girl who used to help butcher chickens, ate her cow "Valerie" for dinner (tho that one was harder than the generally anonymous cow buddies we usually had), drank fresh raw milk from our one cow Shiek for the many years that she "gave", confirmed butter addict, etc.  But somehow, my body is just ready for a change.  And it's been a lot easier than I thought it would be.  I'm still reading more about it - I don't want to do something crazy that I can't stick with - I want to really do it.  I've been following PeaMama's blog for months, trying recipes.  I borrowed Dr. Neal D. Barnard's book from the library.  I watched Forks Over Knives (on Netflix, even tho the link goes to Amazon.  oops!)  And now I'm reading Alicia Silverstone's The Kind Diet.  (What?!  She's actually really fun to read! and has such a sweet attitude.)

It's been a week - no dairy, no meat, no eggs.  So far, I feel GREAT.  Sometimes I feel a little light-headed, and I blame the fact that I haven't given up sugar yet - probably the worst of the lot, honestly.  I need to work on that.  But even Dan has noticed that my skin is AMAZING.  My body feels almost buoyant sometimes.

Second, I'm taking an e-course - an art thing - and really enjoying it so far, but not applying it yet.  So - I don't want to write about it until I start actually doing stuff.

Third, I've been really inspired by this blog to start hand sewing more.  Not machine stitching, but good, old-fashioned hand sewing.  So far, I've made an horrible hat and a pair of wrist/hand warmers all from one of Dan's old shirts.  It's so therapeutic! and makes me feel less guilty about watching t.v. in the evening.

Fourth, I'm trying to follow along with our "read thru the Bible in a year" challenge at church.  Yipes!  I'm bad.  More than likely an adventure just waiting to fail.  It's so daunting!  Have you seen that thing?  It's a GIANT book! HUGE! with tiny little words! oh well... At least I'm trying, right?

So - check back in soon and I'll try my darnedest to sort my brain out to share something actually compelling with you.

Anyone out there willing to Go Vegan with me?  I'll hand stitch you a Go Vegan banner if you're in. Ha!  Dan is up for being a dinner time vegan.  He's being so supportive and is, I think, pretty proud of me!  yay!  I'm not forcing the kids to do it, either, though it's giving me pause about their diet for sure.  More to ponder.


  1. Hi Vicki, not sure if you guessed it or not, but I'm vegan, too. I usually call it plant-based, because it sounds less political and threatening to many people. I've been eating this way for 2 years now and will not go back. The food we have been discovering is delicious (with the occasional dud, but then, not all omnivore things taste equally good either). I have no more migraines, my cholesterol dropped 100 points and I feel great. My husband admired me at first and went vegan a few months later. Our daughter, 9 was going back and forth at first, but joined us, too. However she can eat what ever she wants, because I feel it's important to learn about food and having a choice. Great that your husband is supportive. One more question: what is so horrible about the hat you made?

    1. It's funny how when you start doing something you become more observant about it in others. It never hit me that you are vegan! But now, thinking back, it makes total sense. Plant based is a great way to put it. I like that. Isn't it amazing how quickly you feel great? I just can't get over it! "Becoming Vegan" sounded so daunting, but has really been a simple change. or a simplifying change?

      The hat. ugh. the hat. I'll have to take another whack at it, I think. I didn't have a plan, didn't have a vision at all - I was just trying to keep my hands busy one evening and kept stitching, then just folded stuff over and tucked other stuff in and now it looks like a nightcap and a jester's hat had a baby. It's worn so soft, though, so I kind of want to make it work somehow. I do love my handwarmers, though. The ones on your blog today are so pretty! I love the leaves! I'll have to try that sometime.

  2. Vicki! I don't know a single vegan (or vegetarian for that matter) in these parts. What an exciting adventure. Send or post some of your favorite recipes :).

    1. I'll try to post some good recipes. So far I'm still trying things out and haven't found any absolute favorites yet - except one sandwich that I've been making for a couple months. It's SUPER tasty!