Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Inspiration

Saturday was "I'm grateful for..."

I asked the kids at breakfast to think about it thru the day and report back to me at dinner.  What are you grateful for?

Jack, of course, said plainly and simply:  Daddy.

Lily - her jury is still out.  I think we're related.  I'm grateful for so many things!  How can I possibly choose just one thing?

  • flowers in my garden
  • a dishwasher 
  • beautiful family
  • sweet friends
  • blueberries
  • comfy couches
  • sunshine after rainy days
  • rain after sunshiny days
  • deodorant.  Not just mine.  Yours, too.
  • good summer reads
  • fun, pulpy summer reads
  • cheery, painted toenails
  • Beverly Cleary
  • a healthy body with muscles and joints that don't ache
  • reasonably good eyesight
  • Dan
  • sweet in-laws.  All of 'em.  I lucked out!
  • tutus on Lilys
  • the sweetest kids ever (mine!)
  • the best parents.  seriously.
  • Bishops.
  • the gift of music.  from hillbilly to jazz.  Love it.
  • Color!
  • and.... decaf coffee that doesn't completely suck.  (Thank you, New Seasons, for your walk-up window that's open from 7 to 2 every day of the week.  and my puppy thanks you for her cookies, too.)
Now - I just wish I had photos to go with all of this!  Wouldn't that be fun?  

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