Friday, April 15, 2011

I Need Blackmarket Sudafed!

This,too, shall pass, right?  cuz there's nothing much that beats feeling like ugh when there are two preschoolers looking at you with soulful eyes asking "What should we do today, mommy?"

Aaargh!  I'm so done with not feeling good!  First I had a tummy ache that wouldn't go away (yes - I went to the doctor.  yes - I'm basically fine.  yes - raw is good and I'll be doing more of it for MANY reasons now.) and now I've got vacuum head.  Honestly.  What are sinuses for, anyway?  Maybe to help us relate more fully to the blowfish?  ugh.  I did find some expired sudafed in the cupboard, but I'm afraid if I take it the paddy wagon will pull up to the front porch with lights ablazin' and take me in for potential drugginess.  So I'll just sit here and whine quietly to myself while I sip tea that's EXTRA HOT from my mug that is EXTRA LARGE and hope that some pressure valve gets tipped in the process.

So - I think I started this blog off a little heavy-handed (or heavy-hearted?) and intimidated myself into not wanting to write at all!  I'm backing up now and am just going to post what deems shareable and if it fits in to my Reventuring goals, then yay!  I get a gold star that day!

I hereby and for-to-under award me one of these big boys:

We all love a gold star, right?

I'll try to earn lots of 'em.  But today - back to the tea...

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