Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm No Fool!


When will this gray slog that is winter free me from it's chilling grip?  Real and Proverbial?
I'm pretty sure that the fabric stash in my back closet has an actual pulse...^....^...^...
How deep in the mental mire of House With Preschoolers chaos can I sink without drowning?
Does spiritual growth hurt? like, spiritual growing pains?
Why can I not find a single sanctuarial space left in my home?
My Blogs I Read - to - Friends I Have ratio is totally skewed.
Will I still be wondering at 70, what I'm going to do or be when I grow up?
What in my life do I truly, deeply value?
Where was I and what was I thinking when I allowed Hostess and inertia to systematically steal my waistline?

These are things I want to address over the next few months, and my hope is that you'll join me thru the journey.  I'm determined to sprout a little this spring, thrive a lot this summer, prepare to learn a lot this fall, and try not to go back in to hibernation next winter.  It should be fun! and challenging. and hopeful. and maybe even life-changing!  Tune in and see.

Peace, Love and Understanding  ~ v


  1. Vicki,
    So glad to find your new site! I love all your questions and look forward to joining you on your journey :). And Mexico was amazingly affordable. We couldn't believe it...we definitely want to go back. If you and Dan are interested I can get you all the info... Jason and I are looking forward to a quick visit to Portland in July. Hope to see you and give you a big hug.

  2. Caroline! yay! if I can remember to keep posting, this could be fun! You've certainly been inspirational to me with your blog. You're so faithful in your documenting!
    I'd love more info about where you went in Mexico - obviously it's no big rush - it looked amazing!
    I'm counting the days 'til July!!! ~ v