Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Me Made June 12, 13 & 14

Sunday - an adapted men's shirt.
 I loved this fabric - it's super soft and kinda cheery, so I didn't want to just scrap it, but it always looked a little bit like a cover-up when I wore it. Just too big. So - I re-cut the arms/sleeves, took in the side seams, chopped the cuffs and added elastic and gathered up the sides a little bit just for a more flattering line. Sorry I didn't take better pictures. It was a busy day and I just snapped this before I went to bed, so it doesn't really show the detail work. It's just a men's shirt, so no big whoop, but still...I did it!

Monday's little treasure - I made this when I lived in Seattle in the 1980's! Yipes!

A close-up of the antique flower beads.

I made it a little tighter (bead-wise) than I would today,
but I still love it.

Lily took this one...

and this is her copying my pose for her picture. heehee!

Today's item: glass earrings. Made with fused glass squares and fancy, gold flecked florintine paper.

They're pickin' heavy! but I loves them...

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