Sunday, June 26, 2011

Me Made June 25, 26 - weekend edition

Saturday.  I pretty much just wanted to take the weekend off.  I need to make more stuff!  More options, please!  Especially pants.  I love pants.  Pants are my friend.  Maybe I just like the word pants.  I use it a lot as descriptors with my kids:  silly pants, crazy pants, shorty pants...  Pants is awesome.

Anyway - I put on some pants, a stripey tank, granny cardi and this little pendant.  
I think I'm going to retire this one.  I like the sunflower/sunshine pattern, but it's such an anemic color.  Or maybe it was just bad lighting.
I dunno... my jury is still out.

Jack made some amazing train track yesterday and sneaked about 48 pictures onto my camera.  I saved 3.  and one of his shoe, the piano, and the underside of a lamp, but you don't need to see those.

Can you tell he's a smarty head?

Okay - on to today - Sunday - the Day of the Lord.  For that, I can wear a skirt.
(That's right - it's a repeat skirt and bracelet.  New nail polish, tho,  So fancy!)
(p.s.  Do you like the rash of sticker residue on the kick-plate of the door?  Now that's preschool classy!)

This afternoon, Jack and his daddy went to the park to "play" tennis.  

Dan is teaching Jack to hit off the wall and to bounce the ball on his racket.  He'll be taking lessons in a week or so and was worried that everyone would know how to play but him!  Poor little sweetie pants! (heehee!  I said Pants.)
 Speaking of furry pants...

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