Thursday, June 30, 2011

Me Made June - finishing out the month

This has been an interesting little challenge.  A few observations:
I have far fewer homemade things than I thought.  
Most of what I have is jewelry.
I love jeans and long-sleeved t's.
I have not made any jeans nor long-sleeved t's.
Skin looks weird on micro.

So - Monday, I wore this: 

It was a free, downloadable pattern off the Burda website.  I think the pattern was called JJ, because I always think of JJ Abrams when I wear it, which is just weird.  I like the fabric texture, but I'm just not fond of the color cream, I guess.  I like it on other people!  

Tuesday, I repeated my blue stripey Sorbetto top.

Wednesday, I was on vacation and forgot to pack anything homemade.

Today - I wore this birdie necklace:

and tomorrow is July.  hooray! (oh...that means today is my brother's birthday.  oopsie!  I need to go make a phone call!) 

I want to do this again in September.  I'm going to try to add in some knit shirts, a couple pair of pants and maybe a dress or two before then.  Wishful thinking, I know.  Stay tuned!  Unless you're bored out of your mind.  In which case, you are dismissed.  :o)  No hard feelings.  but you'll be missing some very intriguing nonsense, I guarantee.  and I don't tweet.  so you'll miss it.  for reals.  

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