Sunday, June 26, 2011

Me Made June 23 & 24

I waited too long!  Thursday was so three days ago... who remembers that? 

I made this little beauty when I lived in San Francisco.  I think it's one of my better complicated pieces.  Usually I go more for simple stuff, but this one I still think is fun!

It's an odd combination, kinda, but it works.  and it's cheery!

and it has a sweet little heart-shaped clasp.  

Friday - I wore a redone skirt.  I got this at the last swap I went to and it was absolutely adorable! 
But also, too big.  and too cumbersome. 
The apron look is cute in theory, but hip-widening and saccharine sweet - like it was just trying too hard.

So - I removed the apron, took out the zipper and added a button/loop closure.

  (and I added a lining)  So - now it's adjustable, comfortable, and CUTE FABRIC.  and I can still tie the apron back on if I want to!

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