Thursday, June 9, 2011

Me Made June 8 & 9

June 8th

Another necklace. I ended up giving this one to my neighbor! What a treat!

The feet of the photographer...

June 9th

I know! I know: don't wear a white buzzier under a navy shirt...

So - I made the skirt a while ago - from a vintage piece I found at Knittn Kitten,
a fabulous fabric/craft resell or thrift store here in Portland. Love that place!

Gratuitous cutie-pie photo.
I told him he looked so handsome today.
He said, "That's because I picked very handsome clothes!"

Close-up of the skirt fabric.
I think the selvage said it was from 1964, if I remember right.
It's a GREAT texture - shoulda done-a closer close-up.
Sweater: Target. shoes: Union Bay.
I know - I need to wear ladylike shoes when I wear a skirt, but these were DOWNstairs and HANDY.  so I wore 'em.
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  1. Everything you've posted has been absolutely beautiful, Vicki! You're so talented!!

  2. Thanks Gretchen! That's so encouraging!!!