Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Me Made June 22 - Birthday Edition

That's right - it's my BIRTHDAY!  and it was a lovely day.

I woke up to this:

Wore this:  (that I made this spring)

And these:

They look kinda plastic-y in the picture.  They're much nicer in person.  And they're Aerosoles, which = happy feeties!  The insoles are the softest, yummiest suede.

And this:  (I know!  so fancy!)

Drank my tea from this:

(New birthday mug!  I'm completely taken with this little cutie-pie!  This has been a semi-tradition with my mom, whose birthday is today, too!  We go shopping together, each pick out a mug and buy them for each other.)  Also enjoyed a chai latte from my sister-in-law!  Thanks Tricia for reviving an old addiction.  Them's tasty bidness.

Birthday Earrings:

My friend Charity brought these over today.

What a gorgeously special gift!  I love them and perhaps will wear them every day for quite some time!

My parents took us to dinner at Spaghetti Factory.  The kids thought it was awesome-sauce.  That's right.  Awesome Sauce.

Lily and Pa

Jack and Daddy

Me and the other Birthday Girl!

A very lovely day.

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