Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Me Made June 20 & 21

Let me just preface this by saying "Pitiful effort!"

All I could must on Monday was a bracelet that I made from a broken vintage necklace.  (I was trying to find something that would match my new swap shoes!  I need more red or primary-colored jewelry, I guess.  This was all I could find besides my knitted headband.)

and it broke again later in the day.  It needs new findings, I guess.  The metal is so soft and tired!  Poor little jewels.

Tuesday - another pitiful display.  I wore a wire wrapped ring.  It was a $5 class at Collage here in Portland.  The class was a lot of fun!  Some of the rings came out great.  This one is nice enough and it actually fits, but it sits a little tall.  I gave most of my favorites away.

Most of the ones I have left are too small for me.  Probably too small for any human over the age of 7.

Now - off to better things.  It's my birthday while I'm writing this, so I'm going to hang up and drive! (so to speak)

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