Thursday, June 30, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Time for some make-up posting!  I've neglected some little tidbits that I have wanted to share but just haven't gotten to quite yet.  So - the kids have a bowl of air-popped popcorn and a Charlie & Lola cd from the library, and I have some stolen moments.

Last weekend, the kids saw my bag of lemons in the fridge and begged to make some lemonade.  So - we did.

Did you see those pretty little fingernails!  and the yummy little chubby arms? and they're so serious!  I love it.

and in further news:

When Life Gives You Milk:

make pudding!
I had just a 1/2 quart of milk left and was going to TJoe's, so of course picked up a gallon.  Immediately when we got home, my beautiful, wonderful, talented, generous, laughter-ful neighbor Sarah flagged me down and asked if we needed any milk.  Perfect timing?  (Sarah has a coffee cart and often has leftover milk, which she doesn't drink, so we reap the benefits!)  After a quick search on line, I settled on this recipe for REAL chocolate pudding. I poured the still-warm comfort-in-a-bowl into my 4 new birthday cups (that's the wrong word!  I can't think of the right word...), and still had some left in the pan.  The rest went in to pyrex prep bowls.  I took two over to Sarah's house and her daughter M and her friend were diligently working on the coolest project at their giant sprawl of a table.  M's whole face lit up at the sight of the pudding!  "Snack time!"  I'm hoping to get a couple pix of their project... the coolest hats EVER.  Much cooler than this princess topper.  More on that later, I hope!
RAMEKINS.  ramekins.

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